Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

While 80% of the people here are Hindu, they are very religiously tolerant and welcome any reason for a celebration.  The area we live in was a Portuguese Colony and has many old Catholic Churches and schools, so Christmas is a well accepted tradition.


Deb found us a Christmas Tree, which as you can see is really a plant. The girls said it was "the best tree ever"!

We went to a Christmas Party thrown by the tenants of the buildings our friends Tony and Rochelle live in.

It was more of a fair than a party, with booths and traditional games for the kids - like mechanical bull riding!  I don't know, maybe it will catch on in the states!?

Of course who doesn't have fond childhood memories of climbing the red inflatable Christmas tree with a clown head on top.

I think Grace's expression sums up our Indian Christmas experience quite well!

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