Sunday, October 17, 2010

We're leaving the Holiday Inn at last!!

These are views from our hotel room.  As you can see, the main building material is blue tarps. 

The first photo shows a couple of columns that will support the train on Jeff's project.

If you look closely, you can see a black and white cow laying on the ground to the right of the blue tarped truck ( yes, the cars and trucks use the blue tarps also!).  It disappears every day for a while and then comes's not tied up or anything and I never see anyone interacting with it.  I would like to follow it some day and see where it goes... it's not like there are any pastures around!

The third photo is also from our window and shows a new community of Powai off in the distance.  We looked at apartments there and there were some nice ones but it also had alot of slums around too.  I was most put off by the fact that there is a KFC of all things there!  Yuck!  That did it for me! 

We are moving to an area called Bandra (West) and it is an established neighborhood that reminds me a little of the Hawthorne area with lots of little shops and restaurants...I will post photos after we move!

One thing I will miss about our stay here is the call to prayer that we hear several times a day from a nearby's what wakes me up every morning about 5 am.  The hotel staff and food have been good and it is kind of nice to just put our laundry in a bag every day and have it returned cleaned and pressed every evening.  But, it's time to really start living in the community and we're looking forward to it!

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  1. Keep the pictures and stories coming..For those of us not planning on any trips to this part of the world...we will enjoy it through your eyes and comments..take care. nancy