Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Mumbai

We found a Halloween party for the girls at the Hard Rock cafe and it was really fun!  They had games, a parade, crafts, a costume runway opportunity, and tons of good food and drink.  When we got home the girls and I took a rickshaw to a donut shop and bought donuts while Lisa hid candy for a scavenger hunt.  Later we hung donuts and ate them from the string without touching them, where I showed my true skills for eating chocolate donuts...winning the game!

Madelyn had earlier made a piñata from construction paper which proved to be very tough.  They had fun filling it and then hitting it open and running and squealing for candy.  But, by far their favorite thing was the scavenger hunt.  Lisa did an awesome job creating 10 rhyming clues for them to follow....they loved it and have saved the clues and enjoy reliving the experience.

I never saw myself celebrating Halloween in India, but it was fun.  Finding decorations proved challenging and very expensive....$4 for a small bag of cobweb stuff, etc., but it was a worthwhile challenge.  It was kind of fun to see the look on peoples faces when the girls were out and about in their costumes....most have never heard of Halloween, which really is a pretty bizarre celebration when you think about it!

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