Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip to Lonavala

Back on the 24th, Lisa, Grace, Madelyn and I (Deb wasn't feeling well), traveled to the Hill Station of Lonavala.  A Hill Station is a location where the well-to-do have their country homes.  I've mentioned in previous posts how beautiful the countryside is.

The highlight of the trip for the girl's was riding a camel.

This was not at all like in the states where they bring the camel into a Safeway parking lot.  This was in the middle of nowhere, alongside the road where a a bunch of people were stopped to enjoy the view.  The most memorable part for me, was not the joy on the girl's faces, but the joy on the faces of the people watching two little blonde girls riding a camel.  It was clearly something they had never expected to witness.

The other highlight of the trip was feeding the wild  monkeys along the side of the road. The monkeys would be sitting on the guard rail,you'd toss an orange slice, and they'd catch it.

Deb says: Regarding the monkey on the right,  I was wondering where I had seen that expression before,and it didn't take long to realize where I had seen it many times.....George W. Bush!  You see it, right?

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  1. Definitely, looks just like him. His book is out now where he blames it all on Cheney & Rumsfeld. I guess only small change stopped at his desk. The major decisions he delegated to others.

    Nice trip photos -- looks like it was a fun day.