Monday, November 1, 2010

trip to Goa

Lisa, Madelyn, Grace and I got back from Goa on Friday afternoon, after spending 3 nights at a beach resort there.  It was so nice to see clean beaches where you could go in the water.  Goa is a short flight away from's weird, they schedule it as an hour flight but it really is only about 20 barely get up in the air and you are coming down for a kind of flight!  The hour is actually for the delays in getting started and circling around before landing.

As you leave the resort to go down to the beach there is a very disturbing sight to see...two men, bigger than life statues, as you can see!  It kind of leaves me speechless!

Another photo is of the Indian wiring we sat next to at the open aired restaurant we were in.  It also leaves me with a loss of words!

You will also see a photo of a ship very close to shore...apparently it ran aground 10 YEARS AGO!  Have I said it before how things are slow here????

Finally, a photo of the girls at the beach...which really is a very nice beach, except for the vendors who are relentless.  Lisa and one young girl started really getting into a quarrel...the girl accused Lisa of telling her to come talk to her later and that Lisa was supposed to buy something from her then.   The girl didn't know who she was dealing with!

I definitely want to go back to Goa again and explore it further!

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