Monday, December 27, 2010

Gandhi National Park

My driver Sateesh took the girls and I to Gandhi National Park, which is a huge, 40 square mile park right in Mumbai.  It has lakes where you can go on paddle boats, several playgrounds, a train that takes you through part of the park, and there are monkeys playing in the trees all over the place.  There is some small caged buses that you can ride to see tigers and lions and although we didn't have time to do it the day we went, a couple of weeks ago the girls went there on a field trip with their school and got to do it then, which they were very excited about it.  There are some caves there also, so it is on our list to go back on some Sunday when Jeff can go with us.

Wherever we go, people are always staring at the girls and wanting to take photos of them.  I finally turned it around on the people in this photo and said I wanted to take their picture.  It can get really annoying how people are so enthralled with these girls, especially Grace with her long blonde hair...everyone says she looks like a little doll and want to touch her hair or cheeks.  We left the park soon after this photo was taken, after a woman unexpectedly kissed Grace on the cheek.  I'm telling you that many people do not have personal boundaries here!  When Lisa was here in October, security staff had to intervene when she was mobbed when she went to get us food and drinks on a dinner cruise we went on...they all were wanting to take her photo also.  I can see why some celebrities have lost it and taken a punch at photographers and other bothersome gets extremely frustrating to not be able to do anything without people invading your personal space and staring at everything you do.

The park is nice though, and when Jeff is with us people don't seem to bother us quite as much so I'm looking forward to going back there sometime soon.

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