Monday, December 27, 2010

Mumbai's German Christmas Festival

So one of the great things about India is the cultural mix.  While approximately 70% of the people are Hindu, there are hundreds of Hindu sects, so pretty much anything is cause for a party.  We live on a comparatively quiet residential street and in the two months we've lived here I've already seen several marching bands on the street.

So I wasn't too surprised when we arrived at the German festival and there were a couple of thousand people there, including probably a dozen Germans. They had a big stage, dancing is incredibly popular here, and they played all of the traditional Christmas songs (Santana, Beatles - Hey Jude, Doors, etc.).

Of course Santa was there.

They had German brats!  They tasted just like real ones, but of course they were meatless so the texture was awful.  The girls danced for hours, and we found stockings, Christmas cards, and plenty of beer - so a good time was had by all.

Deb and the girls even went back the next day to play all of the games.

- Jeff

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