Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Madelyn & Grace at Panbai International School

Madelyn and Grace finally got their uniforms and this is the first day they wore them.  They look so cute....

I totally support children wearing uniforms to school and I wish it were required in the states. It takes away at least a little pressure in wearing the "right" clothes and fitting in and also develops school pride.  They love them!  They also must wear their school i.d. card with their picture.  I tease them that it's in case they forget who they are, they can look at their badges.  Oh... Grandma...they say!

Panbai International School only opened in March so they are still building enrollment.  Madelyn is the only one in second grade, and Grace is one of five in senior kindergarten. They are both learning Hindi and Madelyn is learning French and Marathi as well.  In addition, they have a Spanish tutor that comes to our house twice a week so they can keep up on their Spanish for when they return to Oregon.

The very first Panbai Sports day was on December 20th, which they even had to attend school on a Saturday to practice for.  It started with a march, and there were relays, a torch ceremony, dance routines and individual races by age group.  Here are a few photos...

They actually really enjoy marching...go figure!

This is the whole school...teachers, students& Principal

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