Saturday, March 19, 2011

Essel World

We spent New Year's Day at an amusement park AGAIN (last year it was Magic Mountain in L.A. & 2000 in Disney World) called Essel World, on the outskirts of Mumbai.  There are amusement rides as well as a water park.

We stuck out not only because of our blonde haired, blue eyed kids, but because of our western swimsuits.  We did not know that swimsuits were so different but the women wear long swimsuits that go to their knees and the men wear those little bitty bikini bottom type.  I wore my most conservative suit which is a modest one piece but felt like I was walking around naked.  Jeff had his shorts type suit that goes to his knees, so he was overdressed and didn't fit in either.  The girls had a blast!

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