Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday outing to Kihim and Alibag

On February 5th, we went to a couple of beaches approximately 70 miles south of Mumbai.  We first went to Kihim which has a very nice beach.  There is a dense coconut grove between the road and the beach with a long strip of primitive palm leaf roofed canteen's under the coconuts.

After playing in the sea and sand, the girls rode a horse along the beach, we ate fresh coconuts at a canteen and the girls relaxed in a hammock.

We then traveled south to Alibag.  There is a fort in Alibag which is on a island about a 1/2 mile out from the beach.  

The fort was built built by Shivaji the Great, in 1680 to fight the Abyssenians, British, and Portugese.  I hadn't known that!

At low tide the sea between the beach and the Fort is only a few feet deep and you can walk out to it. 

Or for about $11 RT you can rent an ox drawn cart with driver.

Preservation work is underway on the island,and the food for the workers must also be brought out via Ox cart.

There are temples wherever you go in India, so I wasn't to surprised to find one within the fort.

Unfortunately, Madelyn had on flip flops, and our trip got cut short when she cut her big toe on the rocks.  At least I got a life action shot of it happening.

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