Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodbyes are hard

The time has gone really fast and Madelyn and Gracie have to return to the U.S. because their visas are expiring.  Although they are excited to see their mother and friends, they are leaving some new friends behind, which is never easy.

Their last day of school was Friday so I took some treats to school and took some photos.  Gracie was one of four children in Senior Kindergarten.  Her teacher was taking it pretty hard that she was leaving.

Gracie made this for Holi Day which is a Hindu holiday where there are lots of bright colors and they throw water balloons full of colored water on unsuspecting people.  Someone told me it is to represent leaving anything bad or dark behind and starting anew, thus the bright colors.  I don't know, but Jeff keeps saying Happy Holi to people and they crack up.

Madelyn was the only one in second grade so had the teachers all to her self which she said was "awesome".

She became good friends with the seventh graders and wanted to be a teenager in the worse way!  The seventh graders cried that she was leaving and gave her a box of chocolates and a small parrot figurine.  Madelyn took it the hardest leaving her friends behind.

Goodbyes included saying goodbye to the apartment buildings' resident dog "Carlo".

One of the guards....

The bus driver and bus aide....

Their Spanish tutor Delfina......

And, our beloved housekeeper and occasional kid sitter, Olivia

The girls were loved by all that met them and there is not time nor room to show all the people that touched their lives during their months in India.  They will be missed!
Alavidā alavidā अलविदा

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